Thursday, 10 August 2017


It is located in the south of Albania approximately 20km from the modern city of Saranda and has a special atmosphere created by a combination of archaeology, monuments and nature in the Mediterranean.The major ruin from the paleo-Christian era is the baptistery, an ancient Roman monument adapted to the cultural needs of Christianity. Its floor has a beautiful mosaic decoration.
Cristina in Italy who sent this card writes that the baptistery with mosaics are covered with sand just to preserve them from rain and Sun.So she was able to see  them just on the postcard.
Thank you Cristina for the superb site card and the beautiful stamp.
Date of Inscription: 1992
Extension: 1999
Minor boundary modification inscribed year: 2007
Ref: 570ter
Republic of Albania--SHQIPERIA
Albanians today call their country "Shqipëri" or "Shqipëria". 
2015 Stamp -The 190th Anniversary of the First Locomotive (Set of 4 )


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