Thursday, 20 July 2017

Postcard from Russia.

Thank you Alexandra for the time and effort you have taken to  draw such a cute drawing on the envelope enclosing such a wonderful B/W card on St Peters-burg Moscow,beautiful stamps and coins.Last but not the least the superb Bookmark which showcase a Russian Hero-
Alexander Nevsky: Russia's Hero -By Soviet artist Pavel Korin (1892-1967)

It was the spring of ’42. The Germans were advancing into Russia from the West, apparently unstoppable, threatening the very existence of the free Russian state. But under the courageous leadership of one man, the Russians earned a decisive victory and eliminated the German threat.

No, we’re not talking about Stalingrad. Turns out, the twentieth century wasn’t the only one where Russia faced a German invasion. The decisive victory in question actually occurred in the thirteenth century, on April 5, 1242, and the courageous leader was none other than Alexander Nevsky.

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