Saturday, 1 July 2017

Postcard from Russia.

Imperial Russian Ballet  - Until 1689, ballet in Russia was nonexistent. The Tsarist control and isolationism in Russia allowed for little influence from the West. It wasn't until the rise of Peter the Great that Russian society opened up to the West. St. Petersburg was erected to embrace the West and compete against Moscow’s isolationism. Peter the Great created a new Russia which rivalled the society of the West with magnificent courts and palaces. His vision was to challenge the west. Classical ballet entered the realm of Russia not as entertainment, but as a standard of physical conduct to be emulated. The aim was not to entertain the masses of Russians, but to create a cultivated Russia and new people.
Thank you Vera for this classic card and so many nice stamps.
2009 Definitive Issue. Kremlin - Self-Adhesive Stamps
2015 Stamp- The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Boris Feoktistovich Safonov, 1915-1942
2016 Stamp- History of the Russian Uniform


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