Saturday, 1 July 2017

Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve,Russia.

The Wrangel Island Reserve is a self-contained island ecosystem and there is ample evidence that it has undergone a long evolutionary process uninterrupted by the glaciation that swept most other parts of the Arctic during the Quaternary period.Located well above the Arctic Circle,the island boasts the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus and the highest density of ancestral polar bear dens.
Many thanks Vera for the wonderful site card affixed with so many beautiful stamps.
Date of Inscription: 2004
Ref: 1023 rew
2005 Stamps- The Earth - Light-Blue Planet
2009 Definitive Issue. Kremlin - Self-Adhesive Stamps
2017 Stamp-The 20th Anniversary of the Human Rights Institute Stamp-

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