Saturday, 20 May 2017

Painted Churches in the Troodos Region,Cyprus.

The Troodos mountain region of Cyprus contains one of the largest groups of churches and monasteries of the former Byzantine Empire. The ten monuments included on the World Heritage List, all richly decorated with murals, provide an overview of Byzantine and post-Byzantine painting in Cyprus and bear testimony to the variety of artistic influences affecting Cyprus over a period of 500 years. The structures display elements that were specific to Cyprus and were determined by its geography, history and climate,This Fresco can be found at St Nicholas of the root Church in Troodos.
Once again, thank you Merja for this wonderful card with nice stamps.
2014 Stamp-  People of Letters and Arts series.
2016 Personalities- People of Letters and Arts-George Paraskevaides was a Cypriot philanthropist and businessman
Date of Inscription: 1985
Extension: 2001
Ref: 351bis

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