Friday, 28 April 2017

Postcard from Germany.

Berlin Blockade 1948/1949
International crisis that arose from an attempt by the Soviet Union, in 1948–49, to force the Western Allied powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, and France) to abandon their post-World War II jurisdictions in West Berlin.The Soviet occupation forces in eastern Germany began a blockade of all rail, road, and water communications between Berlin and the West.The Soviets announced that the four-power administration of Berlin had ceased and that the Allies no longer had any rights there. During this blockade, United States and Britain began to supply the city with food and other vital supplies by air. Despite dire shortages of fuel and electricity, the airlift kept life going in West Berlin for 11 months, until on May 12, 1949, the Soviet Union lifted the blockade. The end to the blockade was brought about because of countermeasures imposed by the Allies on East German communications and because of the Western embargo placed on all strategic exports from the Eastern bloc. As a result of the blockade and airlift, Berlin became a symbol of the Allies’ willingness to oppose further Soviet expansion in Europe.
Residents of Berlin awaiting a cargo plane carrying food during the Soviet blockade of the city in Time Life Pictures/Getty Images
Erhard sent this blast from the past card with beautiful cancellation and stamps.Thanks a lot Erhard.
2017 stamp depicting the Topography of Terror History Museum - Berlin, Germany.
2016 stamp on the 175th Anniversary of Deutschlandlied - German National Anthem.

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