Saturday, 29 April 2017

Old Town of Caceres, Spain.

The city's history of battles between Moors and Christians is reflected in its architecture, which is a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles. Of the 30 or so towers from the Muslim period, the Torre del Bujaco is the most famous.Cáceres has been a trade route city and a political centre of the local nobles for many centuries. Since prehistoric times, people from different cultures have gathered in Cáceres and have shaped its strong historical roots. Pre-Roman settlements occupied the original plot followed by the Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian people.
Belen in Spain sent this  card with majestic view.
2017 stamp- Gabriel de Castilla Antarctic Base.
Date of Inscription: 1986
Minor modification inscribed year: 2016
Ref: 384bis

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