Friday, 13 October 2017

Archaeological Site of Carthage,Tunisia.

Carthage was founded in the 9th century B.C. on the Gulf of Tunis. From the 6th century onward, it developed into a great trading empire covering much of the Mediterranean and was home to a brilliant civilization. In the course of the long Punic wars, Carthage occupied territories belonging to Rome, which finally destroyed its rival in 146 B.C. A second – Roman – Carthage was then established on the ruins of the first.
Once again Mohemed Elloume surprises me with a superb heritage site card.Thank you vey much.
Date of Inscription: 1979
Ref: 3
2016 Stamp- Sfax - Capital of Arab Culture 2016.

Røros Mining Town and the Circumference,Norway.

Røros Mining Town and the Circumference is linked to the copper mines, established in the 17th century and exploited for 333 years until 1977. The site comprises the Town and its industrial-rural cultural landscapes, a smelter with its associated area; and the Winter Transport Route. Completely rebuilt after its destruction by Swedish troops in 1679. Røros contains about 2000 wooden one- and two-storey houses and a smelting house. Many of these buildings have preserved their blackened wooden facades, giving the town a medieval appearance. Surrounded by a buffer zone, coincident with the area of privileges  granted to the mining enterprise by the Danish-Norwegian Crown (1646), the property illustrates the establishment and flourishing of a lasting culture based on copper mining in a remote region with a harsh climate. 
Thank you Joey for this wonderful heritage site card
Date of Inscription: 1980
Ref: 55bis

Postcard from Norway.

Havhest is a  surface-grazing seabird belonging to the group of wild birds nesting in Norway. It looks like seagulls , but is not closely related to them. 
The sea horse lives on fish and fishlocks. They fly out over the ocean most of the time, except during the nesting season.They nest in mountain shelves and lay a white egg.They are strong pilots with a wide wing tension, and rigid wing strokes, which are completely different from the seagulls.
Thank you Joey for the fascinating card on HAVHEST or Seahorse bird.(Have is sea and Hest is horse as explained) .Also enjoyed reading your long and detailed letter.Once again thank you for the beautiful stamps on the envelope and last but not least for the Mint set ( 4 ) of Flora stamps from Faroe Islands.
2010 Stamp-The Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) -On envelope
2006 Stamp-The golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)-On envelope
1988 Mint set of 4 stamps- Faroe Flowers (FAROE ISLANDS).

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Postcard from Germany.

This nice B/W card showing German cities in 1945  sent by Sven.Thank you..
2017 Stamp- Classic Cars

Dougga / Thugga,Tunisia.

Before the Roman annexation of Numidia, the town of Thugga, built on an elevated site overlooking a fertile plain, was the capital of an important Libyco-Punic state. It flourished under Roman and Byzantine rule, but declined in the Islamic period. The impressive ruins that are visible today give some idea of the resources of a small Roman town on the fringes of the empire.Thanking  you Mohmed Elloumi for sending this card once again as the earlier one might have been lost in transit and was surprised to see the card in my mailbox..
Date of Inscription: 1997
Ref: 794
2016 Stamp- Sfax - Capital of Arab Culture 2016

Medina of Sousse,Tunisia

Sousse was an important commercial and military port during the Aghlabid period (800–909) and is a typical example of a town dating from the first centuries of Islam. With its kasbah, ramparts, medina (with the Great Mosque), Bu Ftata Mosque and typical ribat (both a fort and a religious building), Sousse was part of a coastal defence system.So nice of you Mohmed Elloumi to send this card once again as the earlier one might have been lost in transit and was caught by surprise..
Date of Inscription: 1988
Minor boundary modification inscribed year: 2010
Ref: 498bis
2016 Stamp- Sfax - Capital of Arab Culture 2016

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Postcard from Russia.

The modern Karelian Republic was founded as an autonomous republic within the Russia.
The card is on Karelian women playing musical wind instrument.Received this nice card from Anna.K
2009-Stamp- Definitive Issue. Kremlins - Self-Adhesive Stamps
2017 Stamp-The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students

Postcard from Germany.

A beautiful card-Where Eagles Dare-sent by Eike .
2017 Stamp- Flora - Flowers
2007 Stamp- UNESCO (Historic Centres of Stralsund and Wismar)

Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves,Brazil.

In the states of Paraná and São Paulo, contain some of the best and most extensive examples of Atlantic forest in Brazil.Ilha do Mel- (In Portuguese  "Honey Island") is a Brazilian island. It is located in the Gulf of Paranaguá in the state of Paraná . During the colonial era, the Portuguese built a fort From mountains covered by dense forests, down to wetlands, coastal islands with isolated mountains and dunes, the area comprises a rich natural environment of great scenic beauty
More than 300 caves (including the Casa de Pedra Cave which has the largest portico in the world at 215 meters high, and Santana Cave which is one of the most highly decorated), the rugged mountains and breathtaking coastal scenery, contribute to the exceptional aesthetic interest of the region.
Thank you Paulo for the nice card and stamps.
Date of Inscription: 1999
Ref: 893rev
2002 Stamp-Musical Instruments
2005 Stamp- Professions - Self-Adhesive
2004 Stamp-Paintings by Candido Portinari - Self-Adhesive

Monday, 9 October 2017

Blue and John Crow Mountains,Jamaica.

The site encompasses a rugged and extensively forested mountainous region in the south-east of Jamaica, which provided refuge first for the indigenous Tainos fleeing slavery and then for Maroons (former enslaved peoples). They resisted the European colonial system in this isolated region by establishing a network of trails, hiding places and settlements, which form the Nanny Town Heritage Route. The forests offered the Maroons everything they needed for their survival. They developed strong spiritual connections with the mountains, still manifest through the intangible cultural legacy of, for example, religious rites, traditional medicine and dances. The site is also a biodiversity hotspot for the Caribbean Islands with a high proportion of endemic plant species, especially lichens, mosses and certain flowering plants.The park is so large that it covers roughly about 4.5% of Jamaica.
Heartfelt thanks to Anastasia from Ireland who sent this panoramic card from Jamaica while on tour. and beautiful stamps.
Date of Inscription: 2015
Ref: 1356rev
2007 Stamp- ICC Cricket World Cup, West Indies
2016 Stamp-Lighthouses - Year "2015" Imprint-  (LOVER'S LEAP LIGHT HOUSE)

Benedictine Convent of St John at Müstair,Switzerland.

The Convent of Müstair, which stands in a valley in the Grisons, is a good example of Christian monastic renovation during the Carolingian period. It has Switzerland's greatest series of figurative murals, painted c. A.D. 800, along with Romanesque frescoes and stuccoes.
Thank you Rosmarie for the scenic site card and nice Postcrossing stamps.
Date of Inscription: 1983
Ref: 269
2017 Stamp-Postcrossing

Postcard from Germany.

Walther Rathenau (29 September 1867 – 24 June 1922) was a German statesman who served as Foreign Minister during the Weimar Republic.
He summed up his feelings about growing up in Germany
"I am a German of Jewish origin. My people are the German people, my home is German land, my belief is German belief, which stands above all denominations".
On 24 June 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo (which renounced German territorial claims from World War I), Rathenau was assassinated.This came as a terrible shock to his friend Einstein
Thank you Erhard for this "From Great Time" card and Walther Rathenau stamp with special cancellation. .
2017 Stamp- The 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Walther Rathenau, 

Postcard from Germany.

Frontiers of the Roman Empire (UNESCO Heritage site)
Limemuseum-The ‘Roman Limes’ represents the border line of the Roman Empire at its greatest extent in the 2nd century AD. It stretched over 5,000 km from the Atlantic coast of northern Britain, through Europe to the Black Sea, and from there to the Red Sea and across North Africa to the Atlantic coast. The remains of the Limes today consist of vestiges of built walls, ditches, forts, fortresses, watchtowers and civilian settlements.
Veronica has sent this marvelous postcard.This is 400th card received in Postcrossing.
2005 Stamp-Definitives-Flowers.
2017 Stamp- Castles of Germany - Ludwigsburg

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Located in the centre of Tunisia in a plain at an almost equal distance from the sea and the mountain, Kairouan is the most ancient Arabo-Muslim base of the Maghreb (670 AD) and one of its principal holy cities. Capital of Ifriqiya for five centuries, it was a place of outstanding diffusion of Arabo-Muslim civilisation. Kairouan bears unique witness to the first centuries of this civilisation and its architectural and urban development.Its rich architectural heritage includes the Great Mosque, with its marble and porphyry columns, and the 9th-century Mosque of the Three Gates.
Thank you very much Mohamed Elloumi for this  superb site card which is first ever from Tunisia.
Date of Inscription: 1988
Minor boundary modification inscribed year: 2010
Ref: 499bis
2017 Stamp- Leader, Trade Unionist and Syndicalist Habib Achour.

Three Castles, Defensive Wall and Ramparts of the Market-Town of Bellinzona.Switzerland.

The fortified ensemble of Bellinzona located in the canton of Ticino in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, south of the Alps, is the only visible example in the entire Alpine Arc of medieval military architecture comprising several castles, linked by a wall that once closed off the whole Ticino Valley, and the ramparts which surrounded the town for the protection of the civilian population.
Bellinzona thus constitutes an exceptional case among the greatest fortifications of the 15th century, both by the dimension of its architecture, influenced by the site and topography, and by the excellent state of conservation of the ensemble.Received this lovly site card from Rosmarie.A big thanks to you.
Date of Inscription: 2000
Ref: 884
2017 Stamp- Postcrossing

Doñana National Park,Spain.

Doñana National Park in Andalusia occupies the right bank of the Guadalquivir river at its estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. It is notable for the great diversity of its biotopes, especially lagoons, marshlands, fixed and mobile dunes, scrub woodland and maquis. It is home to five threatened bird species. It is one of the largest heronries in the Mediterranean region and is the wintering site for more than 500,000 water fowl each year.
Thank you so much Patricia for this  radiant heritage site card.
Date of Inscription: 1994
Ref: 685bi
2016 Stamp- King Felipe VI

Postcard from Hungary.

.Budapest  is the capital and by far the most populous city of Hungary and one of the largest cities in the European Union.The postcard shows view of Buda Castle on the banks of river Danube.
Received this nice card from Katalin.
2016 Stamp-Greetings Stamps

Postcard from U.K.

Blenheim Palace, the residence of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, was designed by architects John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor. The associated park was landscaped by Capability Brown. The palace celebrated victory over the French and is significant for establishing English Romantic Architecture as a separate entity from French Classical Architecture.It is a UNESCO world heritage site.This PHQ  card is issued by Royal Mail on 16-8-16.Thank you Julian for the beautiful PHQ card with so many wonderful and expensive stamps.
1975 Stamp- Angel with Trumpet
2002 Stamp-The 50th Anniversary of Jet travel- Airbus
1994 Stamp-The 250th Anniversary of the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers
1985 Stamp-Wart-biter bush-cricket

Postcard from Russia.

Galanthus woronowii

A snowdrop  is a bulbous plant native to Turkey, Russia and Georgia, Galanthus woronowii was named in honour of the Russian botanist and plant collector Georg Woronow (1874–1931). It is popular in cultivation in Europe, and valued for its wide, green, shiny leaves, which provide good ground-cover and contrast with the leaves of the commonly grown snowdrop G. nivalis. Snowdrops ( Galanthus spp.) contain an alkaloid, galanthamine, that has been approved for use in the management of Alzheimer’s disease in a number of countries.
Thank you Nataliya for the interesting and educative card with matching stamp on the envelope.
2010 Stamp- Bridges (Bridge across the Moscow canal, Moscow)
2017 Stamp-Galanthus woronowii

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Postcards from USA.

BLUE BIRDS,1998.Selected paintings of TOD WIZON.
Thank you Ron for these beautiful SEPTEMBER GRATIS POSTCARDS!  
An Anonymus Quote-
  "Blessed are those who  can give without remembering and  those who receive without forgetting".    

Friday, 6 October 2017

Postcard from Russia.

Nesting dolls on the counter.
Thank you Lyudmila for this cute card.
2016 Stamp- Union of Philatelists of Russia

Postcard from Netherland.

Thank you for the card with panoramic view.
A quote-
“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.”
Let your wish come true.
2014 Stamp- Dutch Icons

Historic City of Meknes,Morocco.

Founded in the 11th century by the Almoravids as a military settlement, Meknes became a capital under Sultan Moulay Ismaïl (1672–1727), the founder of the Alawite dynasty. The sultan turned it into a impressive city in Spanish-Moorish style, surrounded by high walls with great doors, where the harmonious blending of the Islamic and European styles of the 17th century Maghreb are still evident today. It is the presence  of this historic city containing the rare remains and important monuments located within a rapidly changing urban environment that gives this urban heritage its universal value.
Thank you Mustapha for the great site card and stamps.
Date of Inscription: 1996
Ref: 793
2008 Stamp-Art and Culture.
2015 Stamp- The 40th Anniversary of the Green March